Why Marketing Works


Marketing is largely about promoting a product or services so people will buy it and tell their friends about it. In order for marketing to be successful, it has to involve an understanding of the needs and wants of the targeted customer group. Using that information, a marketing department is equipped to create a well devised marketing plan. Here are 5 reasons why marketing works.

Stimulates conversation

Buzz is very important in marketing. Getting people excited, interested and talking about a product is the best way to create buzz. People like what other people like. Super Bowl commercials are a good way to raise a tremendous amount of awareness about a product. There is a lot of discussion leading up to and after the game about the commercials. Videos are another way to get the word out that can cost a lot less money.  If they go viral, you have hit the marketing jackpot.

Triggers an emotional reaction

We are bombarded with so much information on a daily basis that our emotions have to be used to help make decisions.  This can be particularly relevant when it comes to filtering emails in your inbox.  Many people skim their inbox and open emails that are of particular interest.  Something may grab our attention based on how the email is worded and its tone.  Color can also be used to trigger feelings and emotions. Black is associated with power and status and is frequently used to sell luxury products. Blue is thought to be trustworthy and is often incorporated in the marketing campaigns of banks and other financial institutions.Read more: Why Marketing Works

How to Create and Print Better Sales Sheets


How to Create and Print Better Sales Sheets

Sales sheets are used to great effect in a pocket folder in a board room, or as an insert in a direct mail letter, and for many other uses. These sheets are one of the key aspects of marketing, and can gain your company and product much interest in just a glance.


There are some standard elements of design with sales sheets that are important. Making sure your sales sheet clearly states benefits, has excellent copy, good imager and a very clean design are key. But there are even more ways that you can make the design and printing of your sales sheets successful:

First, consider printing sales sheets that are larger than normal. When it comes to good marketing, bigger can be better. You should have your printer print 13×17 inch sales sheets so that no one can ignore your message. This is probably the best way that you can get more people to look at what you are selling.

Second, consider using a sales sheet with a die cut. A swoop at the top or a design that is square can really help to provide the right image to the right person in the sales process. Also, consider using a sales sheet that has been foil stamped. It will get a lot of attention with a lot of elegance and will add some royalty to your design. If your sales sheet has a coin, award or medallion image, this can help to make the sales invitation seem more selective and formal.

Third, consider adding tear-off items to your sales sheets. For example, think about using a gift certificate, coupons and all kinds of special offers by using a perforated strip. This also is an easy way to keep track of your sales sheets and who is really using them.

Fourth, consider a landscape layout for your sales sheets. Most of the sales sheets you see have a horizontal design. A landscape design lets you use more creative designs that are pretty difficult to do with horizontal layouts. They are a fine way for you to get more attention and to display confidence.

Fifth, you should consider using a special finish to your sales sheet to give it an extra special appearance. For example, you can use a UV or aqueous finish that will help to enrich the images and colors of your sales sheets. This will help to boost your design and to make the sheets more pleasing and to get more attention.

After you have come up with a winning design for your sales sheets, you need to be sure that you find a good printing company to produce the most attractive sheets possible. Be sure that you select a good company that has a good reputation in this type of printing. Not every printing company has experience in doing unusual finishes with their printing jobs. By selecting an experienced company, you will have a better chance of having a flawless printing job for your sales sheets.

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8 Ways to Make the Online Payment Process Easier for Customers


8 Ways to Make the Online Payment Process Easier for Customers

 One of the most popular ways to shop today is online.  It eliminates the hassle of going into a store, and it also saves a lot of time.  Even better, online stores are always open.  Since online shopping is so popular, stores with an web presence need to prioritize the design of their sites.  After all, if their website is difficult to use, a customer might get frustrated and visit another store online.  In particular, it is extremely important that you make the payment process easy for the customers.  This allows you to finalize the sale and reap the rewards of your online efforts.  The following 8 ideas are suggestions to help you enhance your payment process.


1 – Accept Multiple Payment Options

First, try to accept as many payment options as possible.  This is usually a given for most online sites.  However, some companies avoid accepting certain credit cards because they charge a higher processing fee.  While you might have to pay a higher fee to accept these cards, it is important to offer the payment option and incur the higher fee.  You can always pass on the cost to the customer if need be.  After all, if you do not accept the card, you could lose out on a sale.

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Make Your Next Gathering a Success with Name Tags and Name Badges


Make Your Next Gathering a Success with Name Tags and Name Badges

Planning a conference, big meeting or class reunion? Then you’ve probably thought about Name Tags. Some groan at the thought of wearing a Name Tag, but they’re actually pretty important. They help people make connections and to “break the ice,” sometimes where it would be hard to do otherwise. So don’t ignore the potential for success that Name Tags can offer. Let’s talk about how they can help your next event in a big way.

Don’t consider this a “little” task. One of the biggest mistakes an event planner of any type can do is to consider the Name Tags a small task, and to assign an intern, clerk or other lower level person who has little to no investment in the success of the event to this task. While it is one thing to delegate some of the responsibility to someone like an intern or a clerk, it is critical to have someone manage the Name Tags to ensure they are done correctly. Just imagine how someone new to the company will feel if they get to the event, and their name is spelled wrong. Or how a top executive will feel if their job title is incorrect.

Or if some people discover they just don’t have name tags. You may shake your head, saying this wouldn’t happen, but especially for larger events – bigger than 50 people – it certainly can happen. Those missing 3 people’s name tags could greatly affect how they view your conference, reunion or other special event – and it could then affect how they view your company, school or organization. After all, if you cant even get the little details correct, how can they trust you with the bigger things to manage?

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5 Keys For Running a More Efficient Restaurant

Restaurant owners want their customers to feel like they’re dining at home when they come to their restaurants. But the downside to having an intimate and welcoming restaurant is that customers might want to linger a bit longer than the proprietor might like. There are ways of turning and burning tables without making guests feel as though they’re practically being shoved out of the door.


1. Streamline Your Menu

A streamlined menu is an efficient menu. How complex are the dishes that you sell? How many ingredients do they have? The more ingredients there are in a dish the longer it’s going to take to prepare, which means it’s going to take longer to get to the guests, which also means that you’ll have to order and maintain that many more ingredients. To go along with your streamlines menu, if you use a durable menu cover like faux leather or bonded leather, you can get that high-end look with a durable menu cover.

You’ll also want to think about the equipment that you have in your kitchen when you’re planning out your menu. All of the equipment that you have in your kitchen should make the chef’s job easier and more efficient. As your menu evolves, the type of equipment you have should evolve with it. You’ll also want to make sure that you update your point of sale system as well so your servers don’t have to spend more time than necessary looking for a specific button.

2. Make Sure You’re Well-Staffed

A restaurant is only as efficient as the servers are. Rather than try to save on labor by only scheduling a few servers, bussers and bartenders, schedule enough that all of your guests will be well taken care of and food can be run out as soon as it’s ready. Try not to have servers running food if it isn’t necessary as this means that they might not be giving their tables the attention that they need. Should they run food to a table and there’s a problem with the order, that server will have to go out of their way to either solve the problem or track down the table’s actual server in order to get everything sorted out. Every second they’re away from their actual tables longer than necessary is bad for them and bad for restaurant owners. Taking care of guests should be your top priority, not saving on labor costs.

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Why Using a 20 x 20 Trade Show Booth Can Bring Better Dividends

20x20 island double deck trade show truss display

Historically, larger and longer advertising has paid off with better dividends and a more noticeable marketing presence. Modern marketing is no different; businesses and organizations that spend the extra money for a large 20 x 20 size trade show exhibit will be able to use the extra room to create an awesome display and generate more interest.

The Changing Face of Advertising

As investors and entrepreneurs are getting younger, advertising techniques are becoming more creative in targeting the upcoming generation. The most effective way your business can advertise is by word of mouth, however, getting people to talk about your business is not always easy. Social networking is an integral part of millions of people’s live around the world. At trade shows, smart phones can instantly uplink photos of the most exciting and innovative booths. With so much information being thrown at the potential customer, making your booth stand out can be a challenge. Reserving a larger booth may seem like a risk, but you can make that decision pay by using eye-grabbing displays.Read more: Why Using a 20 x 20 Trade Show Booth Can Bring Better Dividends

Tips to Starting Your Own Business


Tips to Starting Your Own Business

With a so-so job market and economy, many people are starting to think that starting their own business could be the way to get on the path to better financial times. In the second quarter of 2012, over 500,000 small businesses were created, which was a 27% increase from the first quarter of 2012.

However, if you are planning to launch a new company, there are some important tips to keep in mind:

#1 Know Why You Want to Start a Business

Starting a business for yourself can be quite intimidating, but the tiring task of looking for a job can be even worse. If you decide to take full control of your working life and starting your own company, this can be scary, but waiting around for someone to call you for an interview is also very scary. However, you should not start your own business just because you have run out of employment options. Starting a new endeavor based upon pure desperation is not an avenue for success.

But, if you are ready to do your own thing and you have a good plan, starting your own small business can be a very freeing endeavor and can offer a great deal of financial security, once you get it off the ground.

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How to Finance Your Small Business


There are many ways that you can go about funding your new small business, but there are plenty of mistakes that you can make in this area, as well. To help you figure out how to collect the money to launch your new business, we put together this list of hints:

#1 Finance By Debt

Many small business ventures are funded with loans from lending institutions. If you can get a loan, your bank can give you a line or credit or a loan that has a schedule of repayment and a rate of interest. The bank will examine your cash flow, what your collateral is and how liquid your assets are.

To get a loan from your bank, you have to have a solid business plan and you will really need to know what you financial situation is. One of the best ways to boost your odds of getting a loan is to have a good relationship with your bank for a year or two before you approach them for a loan.

#2 Grants

This can be very valuable to get funding especially if you are involved in technology. One way that you can get funding is to go through the Small Business Administration and its Small Business Innovation Research Program. There are other grant opportunities that are available in many states and regions as well. These programs are specially designed to fund new small businesses, and there are billions of dollars of essentially free money available.

On the down side, these grants are highly competitive and you will have to use the money exactly as defined in your agreement with the government entity.

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